Sunday, July 24, 2011

Emotional Story of a Talented Korean

This is the abstract from the Youtube page dedicated to him:
"I heard he went to Art High School, but he could barely graduate because of his financial problem. I bet he couldn't get private lessons or support for his vocal training.. I admire him even more!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously cried when he started singing.. just wanna give him a Huge Hug!!
Bring it on Sung-bong!!! :)

Here is more story about Sung-bong from Youtube

How can we expect that this young man who lived plenty of bad emotions, can suddenly shows a smile which, may be, never had a chance to do so in his earlier life. With tears, congratulations to him for being so True in front of a public....and hope life will be from now on, a learning to smile "un apprentissage à sourire "Am sure he will make it. I love this young man.

Rolineuf 1 week ago 22
I am amazed by how he took all the setbacks in his stride. I just can't imagine the hardships he went through; not even 10% of it. He is a source of inspiration and comfort to me, for now I know that there are people out there who've had bad lives but persevered and miracles DO HAPPEN. By the grace of God he is out of the tunnel. God Bless him (: